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Anastasia Quiz

Check that you have understood the facts about Anastasia by answering the questions below:

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Anastasia was born in Russia in She was the youngest daughter of the Tsar and his wife,

Anastasia shared a room with her sister  and was not allowed contact with the outside world. The children were educated at home and Anastasia could speak  .

Anastasia's mother was desperate to find a cure for her only son, Alexei who suffered from a disease of the called haemophilia. She made contact with the Holy Man, Rasputin, who was supposed to be able to work miracles. The Russian people did not know that Alexei was sick and were critical of the amount of influence he had on the Royal family. They killed Rasputin by

In 1917 there were riots in Russia. The government was overthrown and Nicholas was forced to abdicate. The family were taken prisoner and were moved to 

On July 16th 1918, the family were woken up and were taken to a cellar. They believed that they were going to be Suddenly, armed guards burst into the room and began firing. Bullets bounced around the room because 

The bodies of the royal family were . Some years later they were found. Two bodies were missing....

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