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Worksheets - Twentieth Century


Free worksheets - may be copied for educational use only.
May not be replicated for commercial or online use.
 What was the Year Quiz 50KB  Match the dates to the events given.
 Twentieth Century Spelling Test 30KB  A spelling test sheet of words related to the twentieth century
 Twentieth Century Anagrams 32KB  Anagrams of words related to the twentieth century
 Twentieth Century Anagrams Differentiated 36KB  As above but includes first letter of each word.
 Suffragettes 83.5KB  Information about the suffragette campaign with related activities.
 Suffragettes 1903-1913 40KB  Information sheet about suffragettes campaigns, force-feeding and the Cat and Mouse Act
 Suffragettes - Activity Sheet 22KB  An activity sheet with questions related to the Suffragette Movement
 Russian Revolution 53KB  An information sheet about the Russian revolution. Includes curriculum-levelled activities
 Russian Revolution Wordsearch 52KB  A wordsearch of key words related to the Russian revolution
 Stalin Picture Sources 32.5KB  Two picture sources for pupils to compare how each are used to gain support for Stalin
 Communism and Fascism - Similarities and Differences 22KB  Two blank tables for pupils to complete to further understanding of Communism and Fascism and their similarities and differences
 Britain/America in the 1920s Wordsearch/wordsort 50KB  A wordsearch and wordsort with key words related to Britain and America in the 1920s
 Al Capone Wanted blank poster 39KB  An illustrated blank 'Wanted Poster' with spaces for pupils to write about Al Capone, prohibition and the St Valentine's Day massacre.
 America in the 1950s 87KB  A worksheet giving details of America in the 1950s
 J F K Assassination 69KB  A worksheet about the assassination of President Kennedy.
 Assassination Map 64KB  A map of the route taken by President Kennedy on the day he was assassinated to use with the worksheet above.
 Cold War and Space Race 112KB  A two-page worksheet looking at the Cold War and the Space Race
 Space Race Wordsearch 39KB  A wordsearch with words related to the Space Race
 Peace Movements 118KB  A worksheet looking at the peace movements of the 1960s and 1970s
 Vietnam Crossword 43KB  A crossword with clues relating to the Vietnam war.
 Vietnam Wordsearch 42KB A wordsearch of key words related to the Vietnam war
 Why did America get involved in Vietnam? 49KB  A worksheet explaining why America became involved in the Vietnam war.
 Why America lost Vietnam 85KB  A worksheet explaining why America lost Vietnam



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