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Worksheets - Medicine Through Time


Free worksheets - may be copied for educational use only.
May not be replicated for commercial or online use.
Medicine Anagram Sort 28KB A worksheet with anagrams of key words connected with medicine through time. When unscrambled the words have to be sorted into relevant categories.
Medicine Overview Word Sort 29KB Jumbled periods, dates, people and causes to be sorted into correct categories.
Prehistoric Medicine - True or False 26KB  True or false statements about prehistoric medicine. Pupils have to answer and give evidence for their answers. Created for use with SHP text book.
Prehistoric Medicine Quiz 30KB A multi-choice quiz about prehistoric medicine
Asclepion Temple Anagrams 26KB Anagrams of words related to the Asclepion temple.
Four Humours Sentence Match 21KB Sentence matching activity
Greek Anagrams 22KB Anagrams of words related to Greek medicine
Hippocrates 32KB Information about Hippocrates with differentiated activities.
Why Was Hippocrates Important? 50KB Writing frame for students to answer the question why Hippocrates was important
Up to Greece Wordsearch 59KB A wordsearch of key words in medicine up to Greece
Roman or Greek Anagram Sort 22KB Anagrams of words to be sorted into Roman or Greek 
What Made Galen Famous 71KB Illustrated blank spider diagram
Dark Age Medicine 53KB Illustrated information sheet about medicine in the Dark Ages
Islamic Medicine 49KB Information sheet about Islamic medicine
Black Death Wordsearch 48KB A wordsearch of key words related to the Black Death
Medicine in the Middle Ages 73KB An illustrated information sheet about medicine in Europe during the Middle Ages
Middle Ages Medicine Wordsearch 50KB A wordsearch of key words connected with medicine in Europe during the Middle Ages
Medicine Through Time Test (to Middle Ages) 30KB A Knowledge test up to the Middle Ages
Medicine Through Time Test (to Middle Ages) Marks Scheme 32KB Mark Scheme for above test.
Key Features of the Renaissance 54KB Illustrated worksheet outlining the key features of the Renaissance that had an impact on the development of medicine.
Vesalius Anagrams 28KB Anagrams of words related to Vesalius
Vesalius/ Paré connecting exercise 55KB Link the statements to the correct man.
Industrial Medicine Wordsearch/Sort 51KB A wordsearch of key words associated with medicine during the Industrial Revolution coupled with a sorting activity.
Industrial Medicine Picture Source 100KB A picture source showing living conditions during the Industrial Revolution period. With related questions 
Edward Jenner 72KB An information sheet about the work of Edward Jenner
Florence Nightingale 92KB An information sheet about the work of Florence Nightingale
Germ Theory Wordsearch 62KB A wordsearch of key words related to the development of the Germ Theory
Louis Pasteur or Robert Koch? 63KB A matching exercise with statements that relate either to Louis Pasteur or Robert Koch
Individuals in Medicine - Who am I? 119KB Individuals describe their achievements and then ask 'who am I?'
Medicine Through Time - Giant Crossword 27KB A giant crossword with clues related to all topics covered in Medicine Through Time
Medicine Through Time/ American West Revision booklet 82.5KB A four-page revision booklet with revision topics and hints and tips for the exam.



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