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The Romans - Religion


The Romans were very superstitious. They believed that good or bad luck was given by the gods – if the gods were happy then you would have good luck but if they were unhappy then your luck would be bad.

There were many different gods and each of them looked after different things.

jupiter neptune mars
Jupiter was the god of the sky and the most important god  Neptune was the god of the sea  Mars was the god of war
venus bacchus ceres
Venus was the goddess of love Bacchus was the god of wine Ceres was the goddess of agriculture


roman temple


The Romans worshipped their gods in a temple. They made sacrifices of animals and precious items to their gods.

They believed that when an Emperor died he became a god and so a sacrifice was also made to the Emperor.

The Romans also worshipped Gods in their own homes.



christians in arena

Christians worshipped one god and refused to recognise or make sacrifices to either the Roman gods or the Emperor. Many of them worshipped in secret.

The Romans were very suspicious of the Christians and believed that they were dangerous to Rome.

Christians who refused to sacrifice to the gods were put into the arena with lions.



Although the Christians were persecuted by the Romans for 400 years, the religion continued to become more popular and by 500AD it was the official religion of Rome.



Roman Religion
Roman Religion

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