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Black Peoples of America - Slave Punishments


Slaves had no rights

Owners could do whatever they liked with their slaves.

Often this included inflicting harsh punishments.


A slave would be punished for:

Resisting slavery

Not working hard enough

Talking too much or using their native language

Stealing from his master

Murdering a white man

Trying to run away


Punishments included:


shackles                     contraptions                               chained to the ground
       Being put in shackles          Being put in various contraptions          Being chained to the ground

whipped                     treadmill                          hanging  
        Being whipped                          Being forced to walk a treadmill           Being hung and left to die


The more serious the 'crime' committed, the more severe the punishment.

Plantation owners often made the other slaves watch the punishment to prevent them from slacking at work or trying to run away.


Slave Punishments
Slave Punishments

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