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Black Peoples of America - Work Done By Slaves


Slaves had no say in what task they were required to do and no control over the length of their working day which was usually from sunup in the morning to sunset in the evening ("can see to can't see" in the slaves language).

Although slaves were used in the northern states in factories to produce manufactured goods, most slaves worked on plantations in the southern states.�

Slaves were used on plantations for a variety of tasks:

Slaves picking cotton
Picking cotton
Harvesting Tobacco
Harvesting Tobacco  
The Dairy
Working in the Dairy

It was usually young girls that churned the milk into butter.

Washing Clothes
Washing Clothes

'I used battling blocks and battling sticks to help clean the clothes when we was washing'


Harvesting Sugar Cane
Harvesting Sugar Cane
Growning Coffee
Growing and Harvesting Coffee

"My mammy was a fine weaver and she work for both white and colored."


'The cooking was done in the kitchen in the yard.'


Harvesting Rice
Planting and Harvesting Rice
Building Railroad
Building Railroads

"He used to make spinning wheels and parts of looms. He was a very valuable man."

Butchering Preserving
Butchering and Preserving

Meat was butchered by the slaves, then preserved in the smokehouse




Slaves' Work
Slaves' Work

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