The Titanic - Second Class Passengers

Last Updated: 08/14/2014 - 10:51

Passengers travelling second class on the Titanic enjoyed a luxury that rivalled first class on other liners. Titanic was also the first ship to have an electric elevator for second class passengers.

A second class ticket cost about £13

The following passengers are the most well known second class travellers.

Lawrence Beesley

  Lawrence Beesley was a public school teacher travelling to America for a holiday. He survived the disaster in lifeboat 17 and was one of the first people to publish an account of the sinking and rescue.

Eva Hart

Seven year old Eva Hart was travelling to America with her parents. Eva's mother had a premonition and refused to sleep at night during the voyage. Eva and her mother were saved in lifeboat 14. Eva never saw her father again.

Juozas Montvila and Thomas Byles


These two men were Roman Catholic priests who conducted services for second class passengers. After the sinking they both helped other passengers to safety, heard confessions and prayed. Both died in the tragedy.

 Charles Aldworth

Charles Aldworth was first class passenger, William Carter's chauffeur. Carter's Renault 25 motor car was stored in the cargo hold. Charles Aldworth did not survive.

There were 285 second class passengers on board - 168 men, 93 women and 24 children

118 second class passengers survived the disaster - 14 men, 80 women and 24 children