The Titanic - Third Class Passengers

Last Updated: 08/05/2014 - 06:25

Many of those travelling third class or steerage were emigrants travelling to the United States from Ireland and Scandinavia. In all some 33 nationalities were represented in the passenger lists.

 A third class ticket cost between £3 and £8

 The information below contains statistics on some of the nationalities travelling in third class and survival accounts.


There were around 120 Irish passengers on the Titanic most of whom were emigrants hoping for a better life in America. Most of them did not make it. However, Anna Kelly who had gone up on deck to investigate what had happened, survived in lifeboat 16. She later became a nun.


 There were 63 Finnish passengers on the Titanic of whom only 20 survived. Mathilda Backstr was travelling to New York with her husband and brothers. She survived in one of the last lifeboats to leave - collapsible D. Her husband and brothers died.


 There were about 26 Swedish passengers on board the Titanic of whom most were travelling third class. Many did not reach their destination. Mrs Hjalmar Sandstr, (Agnes Charlotta Bengtsson ) was travelling with her two daughters. They all survived the disaster in lifeboat 13.


 There were 24 Belgians on board the Titanic, 23 in third class. Two lucky Belgians, Emma Duyvejonck and Henri Van der Steen were turned away at Southampton. Only 4 Belgians, all men, survived the disaster.

There were 706 third class passengers on board - 462 men, 165 women and 79 children

178 third class passengers survived the disaster - 75 men, 76 women and 27 children