Links to History Sites

Last Updated: 12/23/2014 - 04:43

This page contains a comprehensive list of educational and general history websites. To find a link to a specific topic use the History A-Z page.

Educational Sites

Additional Needs Net - Special/additional needs resources.

BBC Bitesize History Revision - History revision from the BBC.

English Heritage - English Heritage Education Site.

John D Clare History Site - Modern World History GCSE site.

History Learning Site - School site with information on a range of topics.

History's Happening - Links to kid-safe History sites.

Mr Allsop History GCSE - Information, podcasts and Powerpoint presentations for OCR GCSE topics.

Object Lessons - Roman, Tudor, Victorian and 1900+ artefacts.

Public Records Office - Useful information and activities.

School History - Information, activities and downloads.

School Net - Links to subject information for all ages.

School Zone - Links to all National Curriculum subjects.

Schools Wikipedia - Information on a wide range of historical topics.

Snaith Primary School - Information on all areas of the KS2 History curriculum.

Starshine - Top quality musicals for performance by schools and theatre groups.

Topmarks - Links to all curriculum subjects at all Key stages.

General History Sites

BBC - BBC History.

Britannia Encyclopedia - An online encyclopedia of British history.

Awesome Stories - History, biographies, disasters and famous trials.

Freepedia - History encyclopedia covering a range of topics.

The History Channel - The TV Channel's online site.

The History Cookbook - History of cooking from prehistory to world wars with sample recipes.

The History Faculty - A collection of podcasts aimed at A Level and University students.

History for Kids - A range of topics by topic, timeline or subject.

History Teacher - Links to all aspects of European history.

Hyper History Online - Timelines with links to maps, information etc.

The Imperial War Museum - Imperial War Museum online.

Scholiast - Links to Historical topics.

Spartacus - Online history encyclopedia.

Storyvault - Wide range of oral histories. Facility to upload your own oral histories as well as browse and listen to others.

UK Primary Documents - Links to UK Primary Documents.