J. Edgar Hoover’s 50-Year Career of Blackmail, Entrapment, and Taking Down Communist Spies



Abdication Crisis
Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf
Adwalton Moor (Battle of) (this site)
African National Congress
Alamo Battle of
Alfred the Great
Alfred the Great Timeline (this site)
American Civil War
American Civil War
American Civil War-women
American History – women
American States
American West 2
American West 3
American West Pbs
American West-Harpers Weekly
Amistad trial
Anachronism (this site)
Ancien Regime
Ancient Egypt 1
Ancient Egypt 2
Ancient Greece
Anglo-Saxons KS2
Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Anne Boleyn (this site)
Anne Boleyn 2
Anne of Cleves (this site)
Anne Of Cleves 
Art History
Art History 2
Austro-Hungarian Army
Axis History Factbook


Battle for Berlin 1945
Battle of Britain
Bayeaux Tapestry
Bayeaux Tapestry this site
Berlin Olympics
Berlin Wall
Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid 2
Black Hand, the
Bloody Mary (this site)
Board Games
Boleyn, Anne (this site)
Booth, Charles, Archive
Break with Rome, timeline (this site)
British Empire
British Empire2



Calvin, John
Caribbean History
Castle Explorer
Castles, all about
Castles of Britain
Castles of Scotland
Castles of Wales 2
Castles, types of (this site)
Catherine of Aragon (this site)
Catherine of Aragon-timeline (this site)
Catherine of Aragon 2
Cattle Industry – American West (this site)
Charles I (this site)
Child Labour
China 1900-1976
Christianity, History of
Chronology (this site)
Civil War, American
Civil War, English (this site)
Civil War, English 3
Cold War (this site)
Cold War
Cold War 2
Cold War – links
Conspiracy Theories
Counter Reformation (this site)
Crime and Punishment
Cromwell Oliver -this site
Cuban Missile Crisis




Danish Holocaust
Domesday Book
Donner Party
Drake, Francis (this site)
Dresden Bombing


Edgehill (Battle of) (this site)
Edward the Confessor (this site)
Edward VI (this site)
Edward VI 2
Edward VI 3
Egyptian History
Eisenhower, Dwight
Elizabeth I (this site)
Elizabeth I (2)
Elizabeth I  (3)
Elizabeth I (4)
Elvis Presley
Emancipation of Women
English Monarchy
European Union


Farming Year (Medieval) this site
Feudalism (this site)
Frank – Anne
France – Revolutionary
France – 1900-1945
French Revolution


Georgian/Victorian Timeline
Germany 1900-1945
Germany – History of
Glencoe – Massacre of
Gold Rush – Californian (this site)
Grant, Ulysees S
Great Fire of London (this site)
Great Plague 1665 (this site)
Great War – Heritage of
Gunfighters of the West
Gunpowder Plot (this site)
Gunpowder Plot


Hadrian’s Wall
Harold II timeline (this site)
Henry I timeline (this site)
Henry VII 1
Henry VII 2
Henry VIII 1
Henry VIII 2
Highland Clearances
Historical Atlas 20th century
Hitler, Adolf
Ho Chi Minh
Holocaust timeline (this site)
Homefront (this site)
Houses Medieval (this site)
Howard, Kathryn this site
Hundred Years’ War
Hungarian Uprising


Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Inter-war years – links
Ireland, chronology]




Jack the Ripper
Jane Grey (this site)
Jane Grey
Jane Grey 2
Jane Seymour (this site)
Jane Seymour 2
Jefferson, Thomas
Jenner, Edward
Jewish History
Joyce, William (Lord Haw Haw


Kathryn Howard
Katherine Parr
Kennedy – assassination
King – Martin Luther
King, Martin Luther 2


Lloyd George, David
Louis XIV
Luther, Martin


Market Place, Tudor (this site)
Marston Moor (Battle of) this site
Mary I (this site)
Mary I   2
Mary Tudor
Mary Queen of Scots
Match Girls’ Strike
Mayflower (this site)
McArthur, Douglas
Medicine, History of
Medieval Life (this site)
Medieval Life 2
Medieval Manor (this site)
Medieval Monarchy
Medieval Sourcebook
Medieval Timeline
Mein Kampf
Meso- American Ball Game
Metropolitan Police
Middle Passage (this site)
Midway, Battle of
Military Leaders
Monarchy- British (1066-2001) this site
Monarchy – British
Monarchy – British
Money – history of
Mountain Men
Mountain Men 2
Mountain Men (this site)
Mutiny on the Bounty


Napoleonic Age
Napoleonic Period
Naseby (Battle of) this site
Native Americans (this site)
Naval History
Nazi Propaganda
Nebraska pre 1500-2000
New Deal
Newbury (Battle of) this site
C19 Railways
Normans (this site)
Norman Conquest
Norman/Plantagenet Timeline (this site)
Northern Ireland – conflict
Numerals – Roman (this site)
Nuremberg Trials


Olaudah Equiano
Olympic Games
Oregon Trail


Parliamentarians (this site)
Parliamentary Reform
Parr, Katherine (this site)
Philip II
Pilgrim Fathers (this site)
Plague Doctor (this site)
Plantations (this site)
Polish Resistance
Politics – British 1750-1945
Post-War London Childhood
Prime Ministers
Prisoners of War (this site)
Prisoners of War – German in Britain
Puritans (this site)




Reformation (this site)
Reformation links
Regency Fashion
Reichstag Fire
Revolutions, 1848
Richard III
Robert E Lee
Roman Britain Timeline (this site)
Roman Empire
Roman Numerals (this site)
Romans (this site)
Romans KS2
Roman Invasion of Britain 
Romulus and Remus (this site)
Roosevelt, Franklin – Fireside Chats
Roundaway Down (Battle of) this site
Royal Air Force
Royalists (this site)
Russian Revolution – links
Russian Revolution
Russian Revolution – sources


Salem Witch trials
Salem Witch trials 2
Sancho, Ignatious
San Francisco Earthquake 1906
Scientific Revolution
Scottish History
Seven Years War
Seymour, Jane (this site)
Slave Trade (this site)
Slave Trade
Slavery – British Abolitionists
Slavery (this site)
Slavery Encyclopedia
Slavery Poems
Slavery Timeline
Snow, John
Sources-Primary/ Secondary (this site)
Spanish- American War
Spanish Armada (this site)
Spanish Civil War
Spanish Revolution
St Paul’s Cathedral
Stalin, Joseph 2
Stephen – Timeline (this site)
Stuarts (this site)
Suffrage Movement


Texas Ranger
Theses, 95
Thirty Years War
Time – History of
Timelines (this site)
Titanic (this site)
Tolpuddle Martyrs
Tower of London
Towns – ideal site
Trials – famous
Triangular Trade (this site)
Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution
Truman – Harry S
Tudors (this site)
Tudor Biographies
Tudor Costume
Tudor Encyclopedia
Tudor History
Tudor/Stuart Timeline (this site)
Twentieth Century Timeline (this site)
Twentieth Century, Historical Atlas


United Nations


Victorian Dictionary
Victorian History
Victorian London
Victorian Political History
Victorian Religion
Victorian Social History
Vietnam 2
Vietnam 3
Vietnam – words and images
Vikings – North Atlantic Saga


Wall Street Crash
Wallace, William
Washington, George
Wellesley, Arthur
Wellington, Duke of
West Point
White House, the
William I timeline (this site)
William II timeline (this site)
World War Pictures
World War I – BBC
World War I heritage
World War I – links
World War I
World War I
World War I
World War I soldier’s memoir
World War II BBC
World War II – Home front
World War II – UK Home front
World War II – links
World War II – Newspaper Articles
World War II – Polish Resistance
World War II – Scientists
WWII – Secret Agents

X, Y, Z

Ypres, Battles of


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