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The Colonial and Antebellum Eras

The Revolution
Images & Artifacts of the American Revolution

Contains images and artifacts related to the American Revolution, including paintings, sketches, engravings, political cartoons, photographs, and excerpts from an audio documentary. Subjects include the Founding Fathers, British taxation policies, The Boston Massacre, and The Declaration of Independence.

Revolution era currency
Currency of The Revolution Era


Contains images of 14 different paper currencies from the Revolution Era (reproductions).
Antebellum era
Artifacts & Images of The Era of Manifest Destiny
Contains images and artifacts related to the the early years of The United States, up to the Civil War. Subjects include the Articles of Confederation, Lewis and Clark, early Westward expansion and the acquisition of new lands, and American slavery.
Negro Spirituals
African American Spirituals

African American spirituals, usually with a Christian religious theme, served many purposes. Sometimes they provided comfort and eased the boredom of daily tasks. They were an expression of spiritual devotion and a yearning for freedom from bondage. Sometimes they were a means of releasing pent up emotions and expressing sorrow, or of passing along information about the Underground Railroad. Many spirituals survive from oral tradition and continue to be performed and recorded in modern times.

Slave Interviews
Audio Interviews With African American Former Slaves
Beginning in the late 1930s, the American government took an interest in preserving the stories of the aging population of African American former slaves. Thousands of interviews were conducted as part of the Federal Writers Project. In later years, some interviews were were recorded.
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