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Reconstruction: 1865-1877

The Andrew Johnson Administration (Democratic-Union, 1865-1869)
Andrew Johnson became president when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. His biases quickly alienated moderate Republicans and put the Radicals in charge of Reconstruction. Conflict between the Radicals and Johnson climaxed in the first impeachment of a president in US history.
The Ulysses S. Grant Administration (Republican, 1869-1877)
The famous Union Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant was considered a great general but a terrible president. He consistently ranks near the bottom of the historian's poll. His administration was saddled by incompetence and corruption. The main issues during his 8 years in office were Reconstruction, the economy, civil service reform, and a split in the Republican party.
Boss Tweed
The Boss Tweed Scandal
Boss Tweed's long political career became notorious when, as leader of New York's Tammany Hall machine, he stole between 40 million and 200 million from New York's taxpayers. His story was immortalized through the political cartooning of Thomas Nast of Harper's Weekly.
The Election of 1876 & The End of Reconstruction
The era of Reconstruction ended with the longest-contested presidential election in American history. While the Republicans maintained control of the White House in the Compromise of 1877, their control over the governments of the South slipped away, setting back the Civil Rights of African Americans for generations.
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