I Could Live In An Aeroplane
Words by A. MacArthur
Music by G.E. Willats
Published 1911

[verse 1]
I've visited China and dear Japan,
Thru all their towns I've been
I've traveled thru Egypt by Caravan,
And all its sights I've seen,
I've crossed the Alps in Switzerland
I've crossed the raging Main,
But now, no more, of sea,
or shore since I've had an Aeroplane

For it's up in the air in an Aeroplane,
Leaving old earth behind,
saying good-bye without a sigh,
Forgetting life's old dreary grind,
spinning along thru the summer air,
Free from all care and pain,
Gee! if I could, surely I would,
live and die in an Aeroplane!

[verse 2]
Just think of the lovers who's lives of bliss
Will nevermore be marred
Who can talk and tease and even kiss
Right up amongst the stars,
Oh think of the speed and velocity
Of the great Aeroplane
When lovers elope, and brokers get brokey
they'll just hire an Aeroplane.

[repeat chorus]