That Aeroplane Rag
Words by Fred C. Roegge
Music by Berte C. Randall
Published 1911

[verse 1]
Now I've been made love to ev'ry way there be,
On the desert sands and on the bounding sea.
I've been kissed in Summer and in Pittsburg too,
Motor boats and Taxicabs are nothing new.
My beau's got an Aeroplane, oh Joy and bliss,
You should see us do that Aviation kiss.
'Magin if you can the very lovin'ist man,
Alone with you up in the sky
Go and pack your grip*,
Then we'll take a trip,
get your aeroplane Rags.

Oh you! ooo take me around the moon.
Oh you! ooo This is the place to spoon**
Tilt your planes and shout right thro' the air,
Riding, Sliding, Gliding, Crying "I Don't care!"
We're off for that heav'nly spot I never felt so glad
Kiss me and squeeze my hand,
Promise we'll never land.
Honey take me higher, higher, higher,
don't you go no higher! Stop!
Oh you Aeroplane Rag.

[verse 2]
Make yourself real comf'table before we start,
Crank out all the gratitude that's in your heart.
Snuggle right up close where I can squeeze your hand,
Never tho't that lovin' could be half so grand.
Honey slow your motor down don't go so fast.
'Fraid this ecstacy it aint a going to last.
Guess I'm getting air-sick or its love sick I'm sure,
Your lovin' love's the only cure.
I am not to blame
Love's my middle name,
Oh You! Aeroplane Rag!

[repeat chorus]

*a small bag with items needed for a trip or an outing
**to kiss and cuddle