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How The Other Half Lives, by Jacob Riis

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Shooting Craps fr.   In poverty Gap, West 28 Street: an English coal-heaver's home 135
Bottle Alley, Mulberry Road 3   Boys from the Italian quarter with a "Keep off the grass" sign 139
Room in a tenement house, 1910 4   Girl of the tenements 141
Old house on a Bleecker Street back lot, between Mercer and Greene Streets 7   Boy's ball team 142
Hell's Kitchen and Sebastopol 9   "Drilling the gang" on Mulberry Street 144
An ash-barrel, about 1888 10   Greek children in gotham Court 147
Street cleaning, Fourth Street 12   Prayer-time in the nursery--Five Points House of Industry 149
Typical tenement fire-escape serving as an extention of the flat: Allen Street 15   In the Sun office, 2 A.M. 150
  Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters [church corner] 152
Shoemaker, Broome Street, early 1890s 16   In the Sun office, 3 A.M. 155
  "Didn't live nowhere" 157
Mountain Eagle, an Iroquois, and his family 18   Street Arabs in sleeping quarters [areaway, Mulberry St.] 159
Greek children in Gotham Court 21   Getting ready for supper in the newsboys' lodging-house 161
Stale bread vendor 23   Craps in the hall of the newsboys's lodging-house 162
Old Barney in Cat Alley 24   A down-town "morgue" 164
Jersey Street tenements 26   In a dive 167
Upstairs in Blind Man's Alley 29   Quarters for the night 168
Alley scene 31   Typical toughs (from the Rogues' Gallery) [burglar & thief] 170
Tenement-house yard 33   "Rushing the growler [beer-can]" 173
Gotham Court 35   The Short Tail Gang, about 1889, under pier at foot of Jackson St., later Corlears Hook Park 175
An old rear tenement in Roosevelt Street 37   Members of the gang showing how they "did the trick" 177
Baxter Street alley, Rag-Picker's Row 39   A growler gang in session [the "Montgomery Guards" at the West 37 Street dock] 179
Hallway of "The Ship," early 1890s 40   Hunting river thieves 181
Feast of Saint Rocco, Bandits' Roost, Mulberry Street 42   Women in Gotham Court sewing "pants" for the sweater 185
In the home of an Italian rag-picker, Jersey Street 45   Sewing and starving in an Elizabeth Street attic 187
Pietro learning to write: Jersey Street 46   Sisters, Vandam Street 188
"The Bend" 48   Old Mrs. Benoir, an Indian woman, in her Hudson St. attic 190
Bandits Roost 51   A flat in the pauper barracks, West 38 St., with all its furniture 193
Mulberry "Bend," southwest corner of the block 53   Blind beggar, 1888 195
Bottle Alley 55   "A home nurse" 197
"The Homestead" in "the Bend" 57   Under the dump, Rivington Street, about 1890 198
Lodgers in a crowded Bayard Street tenement 58   Ancient lodger, Eldridge Street police station, about 1890 200
An all-night two-cent restaurant in "the Bend" 60   Under the dump at West 35 Street 204
Police station lodgers waiting to be let out 63   Girl from the West 52 Street Industrial school 206
The Tramp [in a Mulberry Street yard] 65   Street Arabs in night quarters 208
Police station lodgers, Madison Street 66   The Barracks, Mott Street between Bleecker and Houston Street 210
In a seven-cent lodging-house 68   Newsboy in the Duane Street lodging-house 213
Bunks in a sevent-cent lodging-house, Pell Street 71   "Safe from the cops" 215
Police station lodgers, West 47 Street, early 1890s 73   Gotham Court girls, 1889 217
Women in Elizabeth Street police station 74   Street Arabs in sleeping quarters at night 219
In a Chinese joint 76   Vegetable stand in "the Bend" 220
"The official organ of Chinatown" 79   On the roof of the Barracks 222
Panorama of fire-escapes 81      
Hester Street, early 1890s 84  
Jewish neighborhood 87   Tenement of 1863, for twelve families on each flat 8
The street their playground 89   Tenement of the old style: birth of the air-shaft 14
Ice on burnt-out building 93   At the cradle of the tenement: doorway of an old-fashioned dwelling on Cherry Hill 28
"Knee-pants" at forty-five cents a dozen--a Ludlow Street sweater's shop 96   Woman at well 47
Twelve-year-old boy (who had sworn he was sixteen) pulling threads in a sweat shop, about 1889 99   Opium pipe 83
Necktie workshop in a Division Street tenement, 1889 101   A tramp's nest in Ludlow Street 86
Children in a playground 103   A market scene in the Jewish quarter 92
Sabbath Eve in a coal cellar, Ludlow Street, early 1890s 105   The old clo'e's man--in the Jewish quarters 94
Bohemian cigarmakers at work in their tenement 108   The open door 122
A black-and-tan dive in "Africa" [Broome Street, c.1890] 114   Bird's-eye view of an East Side tenement block 122
Girl and a baby on a doorstep 120   The white badge of mourning 126
Family making artificial flowers 123   Dispossessed 133
Minding the baby-scene in Gotham Court 125   The trench in the Potter's Field 136
Fighting tuberculosis on the roof 127   Coffee at one cent 196
Bottle Alley, Mulberry Bend 128   Evolution of the tenement in twenty years 211
The man slept in this cellar for four years, about 1890 130   General plan of the Riverside Buildings (A.T. White's) in Brooklyn 227
      Map 230
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