The Rise and Progress of The Negro

Performed by William H. Taft
Recorded August 5, 1908

The Republican platform refers to the amendments to the Constitution that were passed by the Republican party for the protection of the Negro. The Negro in the forty years since he was freed from slavery has made remarkable progress. He is becoming a more and more valuable member of the communities in which he lives. The education of the Negro is being expanded and improved in every way. The best men of both races at the North, as well as at the South, ought to rejoice to see growing up among the southern people an influential element disposed to encourage the Negro in his hard struggle for industrial independence and assured political status. The Republican platform adopted at Chicago explicitly demands justice for all men without regard to race or color. And just as explicitly declares for the enforcement and without reservation in letter and spirit of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution. It is needless to say that I stand with my party squarely on that plank in the platform and believe that equal justice to all men and the fair and impartial enforcement of these amendments is in keeping with the real American spirit of fair play.