Will Taft We're Looking To You
Words by Walter H. Cole
Music by Edward Madden
Published 1908

Say, friends, when e'er you want a man,
That you can run for President,
You want a staunch Republican,
Whose party strength is evident,
A statesman too whose peerless plan,
Against all ills is provident,
A man who can the crises scan.
With look as cool as confident.
Then now we say
It's just this way:

We're looking to you big William Taft,
On the likes of you we're sure gone daft,
And we just want you to steer our craft,
And to keep her a'hummin' fore and aft,
For we know that it's you to sure "Stand Pat,"
That your head's just right for Teddy's hat,
All the time we'll know just where we're at,
You're no molly-coddle we all know that;
Will Taft we're looking, we're looking to you;
Will Taft we're looking to you.

Now friends, you know there's only one,
Besides our well belov'd Ted,
Who'll put the Demos on the run,
And he must be our party's head,
He does his work nor has he shunned,
To do his task when e'er it's led,
To Panama with boiling sun.
Or Philippines with fever dread.
Just look this way
For we all say:

[repeat chorus]

Then friends, let's do this job upright,
And let us all be sure to say,
That we're for Taft all day and night,
All night and then again all day,
For he's the man to lead the fight
Nothing will him at all dismay
And he will bear our banner bright,
To vict'ry on election day.
So we all say Hurray! Hurray!

[repeat chorus]