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The Spanish-American War

Part 1: Prelude to War
The Spanish-American War section begins with background on Cuba and the decision to deploy the USS Maine to Havana Harbor. The impact of the Hearst-Pulitzer "yellow journalism" circulation war is covered, as is the explosion of the Maine and the eventual declaration of war on Spain by the United States
Part 2: The Philippine Campaign
The war began not in Cuba, but 9,750 miles away in the archipelago of the Philippines. The Battle of Manila Bay would make the American Commander, George Dewey, a national hero, and would set the stage for an imperialist American presence in the Far East.
Part 3: Cuba & Puerto Rico
The main ground operations of the war took place in July 1898 in Cuba. The battles at El Caney and San Juan Heights are covered, as well as the naval battle that resulted in the destruction or grounding of the Spanish fleet.
Part 4: Afterward
The war lasted only a few months. This section covers the Treaty of Paris, the impact of the war on Theodore Roosevelt's career, the role of African Americans in Cuba, and the impact of the war on American history. The section concludes with a followup on what happened to the USS Maine.
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