"I was present at the battle of Spion Kop and saw 350 Boers drive an army of 2500 English soldiers before them. When the fight began, a giant Boer, in the prime of strength and manhood, was seen carrying a small Boer flag; in a short time he fell to rise no more. Then an old white haired veteran picked up the fallen banner and, waving it, urged his comrades on. With flowing hair and flashing eyes the old man rushed on, but suddenly a shell laid him low; ere the little flag touched the ground, however, a bare-footed lad, only 13 years of age, who had been fighting in his shirt sleeves, leaped like a panther to the old man's side and, snatching the flag from his grandfather's nerveless hand, raised it aloft and pushed on. A mighty shout arose from the Boers as they saw that gallant deed, and with renewed courage they made a fearful charge; following the flag they rushed like an avalanche over the British trenches and Spion Kop was won.
--Webster Davis

The Battle of Spion Kop
Composed by M.W. Butler

[this is a descriptive march. Sections of the song represent different actions in the battle. The descriptions are listed below]

Boer bands playing national airs as they march to the attack.
British fife and drum on the top of Spion Kop
English trumpets sound the retreat.