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The World War I Era: 1914-1920

War Overview
The Great War Overview
The story of WWI is covered in three parts. Part one covers the complicated origins of the Great War. Part two spans the early years, 1914-1916. Part three begins with the American declaration of war on Germany and ends with the armistice in November 1918.
The Home Front & The Propaganda War

The Home Front

This section tells the story of the American home front. There are sections of propaganda, music, other pop culture, war hysteria and its impact on German Americans, and the restrictive Sedition Act.
League of Nations
Woodrow Wilson, The Treaty of Versailles, and the League of Nations Fight
WWI was over in 1918 but Woodrow Wilson's political fight was just beginning. This section covers the American President's efforts to wage peace from 1918-1920.
The Bolshevik Revolution, the Polar Bear Expedition, & the Red Scare
The Bolshevik Revolution, the Polar Bear Expedition, & the Red Scare

WWI brought about the first great communist experiment, in Russia. America reacted by sending troops to Russia to influence the ongoing civil war. Meanwhile, massive waves of immigration combined with labor unrest and capitalist excesses resulted in the First Red Scare.

The American Society: 1918-1920
The American Society: 1919-1920
[planned for the future]

Subjects will include the returning soldiers & the economy, the influenza pandemic, the economy, the Chicago "Black Sox" scandal, passage of the 18th & 19th Amendments, and the election of 1920.

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