No Beer, No Work
By Sammy Edwards
Published 1919

[verse 1]
Johnny Hymer was a miner always on the job,
Johhny loved his lager like a sailor loves his grog.
One day his foreman told him that this country would go dry,
John threw his tools upon the ground,
You should have heard him cry.

No beer, no work will be my battle cry,
No beer, no work when I am feeling dry,
I never could like lemonade or bevo*
For beer is all I'll buy,
I'll hide myself away, until some brighter day,
When I can sip the lager from a stein,
No beer, no work will be my battle cry,
After the first of July, No Beer, no work

[verse 2]
Johnny's steady ever ready to give good advice,
Said, "Go back to work or there'll be no old shoes or rice,
Be like Kipling's hero, bear your troubles with a grin."
John said, "I'll be your hero, but I'll be no Gunga Din."

[verse 3]
When I was a baby said our Johnny with a smile;
They raised me a bottle, now they want to change the style!
John Barleycorn's a friend of mine my daddy knew him well,
He'd bring John home with him at night,
And ma would give him (____) Crash

[repeat chorus]

*a non-alcoholic beer