4. Identify the overall metaphor. What two things are being compared?

A: The U.S. Constitution (with the problems Roosevelt described in his message to Congress on reorganizing the judiciary branch) is being compared to a sick patient.

5. Now identify each part of the metaphor. For example, the US Constitution is being compared with a sick patient. Identify four other parts of the metaphor.

A: 1. The Constitution is the patient. 2. The Supreme Court is the nurse looking after the patient. 3. Roosevelt is the Doctor who is taking over for the nurse. 4. The New Deal is the medicine that will cure what ails the Constitution.

6. Finally, explain the metaphor. Whose point-of-view is being expressed here? Is it Congress's? Roosevelt's? The American public's? According to that point-of-view, what is the problem and the solution?

A: This cartoon expresses Roosevelt's point-of-view. He believes that his New Deal programs (the medicine) will cure the economic problems of the Great Depression. However, the Supreme Court (the nurse) is thwarting his will by finding several of his key programs unconstitutional. Roosevelt is saying that there's nothing wrong with the Constitution. Rather, he believes the problem is that the Supreme Court (the nurse) refuses to apply the New Deal programs (the medicine he has prescribed) to the problem. The patient would get better if the Supreme Court would just do what he wants them to do (stop ruling his programs unconstitutional to that they can help the country).