7. This cartoon is very similar to the previous one. Explain what's going on.

A: Basically you have the same thing as shown in cartoon #5. The three branches of government are shown. The executive (Roosevelt) already has made a grab for the legislative (congress), and now he's making a grab for the judicial branch (the Supreme Court).

8. Does the cartoonist sees Roosevelt's court-packing plan as something positive or negative?

A: Negative.

9. Explain how this cartoonist's opinion is even stronger than the opinion of the artist of #5.

A: This is a stronger opinion than cartoon #5. First, by not showing Roosevelt, the executive is more ominous, more threatening. It's remeniscent of King Kong, which was released less than four years earlier, the way that congress is helpless in his grasp. Then there is the title. This cartoonist takes his criticism a step further than the previous one did by saying that FDR is trying to becoming a dictator. That's an extremely serious criticism.