This Is The Army, Mr. Jones

Performed by Horace Heidt
Recorded July 16, 1942
(From the movie, "This Is The Army"); Written by Irving Berlin

A bunch of frightened rookies were list`ning filled with awe
They listened while a sergeant was laying down the law
They stood there at attention, their faces turning red
The sergeant looked them over and this is what he said:

This is the Army, Mister Jones!
No private rooms or telephones
I had my breakfast in bed before
But you won`t have it there anymore

This is the Army, Mister Green!
We like the barracks nice and clean
I had a housemaid to clean my floor
But she won`t help you out any more

Do what the buglers command
They`re in the Army and not in a band

This is the Army, Mister Brown!
You and your baby went to town
She had you worried but this is war
And she won`t worry you anymore