1942 Turkey In The Straw

Performed by Carson Robison
Recorded January 1942
Written by Carson Robison

Oh Adolf Hiter grabbed a tail
He hung right on with tooth and nail
When he saw what he had then he began to swear
On the end of that tail was a Russian bear
The old bear growled and started him to shake
Adolf knew he'd made a mistake
He tried to hang on then he tried to let go
Now they have a new dance called "Hitler in the snow"

Oh I saw Mussolini sitting on a log
All puffed up like a great big frog
I sneaked up close and stuck him with a wire
He just went "pffft" like an old flat tire
I took his hide and hung it on a tree
The tree said, "Hey, don't do that to me"
So I took it on home to my mother-in-law
She threw me outside with the turkey in the straw

Oh a monkey and a baboon sittin' on a rail
Feeling mighty bad and looking kind of pale
A little yellow rat comes sneaking 'round the weed
The monkey said, "Look, there's the guy we need"
The rat climbed up and they all begin to grin
Long timer fella with whiskers on his chin
He kicked that rail and he broke it with a crack
And that was the last of the three-power pact

Oh the frost is on the pumpkin and the potter's in the shop
And the Yanks are a moving and they pack an awful sock
The sheep are in the meadow and the cows are in the corn
There's gonna be a scrap just as sure as you're born
Soldiers, sailors, pilots, marines
Tall ones, short ones, lots of in-betweens
Powder in their gun and sand in their craw
Stepping to the tune of "Turkey In The Straw"

Oh swing your partner, here we go
To Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo
We'll put'em in a sack and give it a swish
Throw'em in the river and kill all the fish
Tie'em to a rope and give'em a swing
Just like a monkey on the end of a swing
Kick'em in the pants and sock'em in the jaw
Teach'em how to dance ol' "Turkey In The Straw"

Forehand's 'round and everybody shout
Skunk in the woodpile, gotta chase him out
Adolf Hiter bit off a chaw
Jam it down his throat with "Turkey In The Straw"

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