Yankee Doodle Ain't Doodlin' Now

Performed by Dick Jurgens
Recorded February 20, 1942
Written by Pearl Fein

Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi now beware
Japanesey, easy, take it easy there
Duce*, Duce, Duce do your one last bow
'Cause Yankee Doodle ain't doodlin' now
Batter, batter, batter, batter watch your step
Yankee boys are comin', comin', hep hep hep
Yankee Doodle's tunin' up a tune, and how
'Cause Yankee Doodle ain't doodlin' now
Every hear a word called, "industry"?
Ever know a man like Franklin D.?
There's a little thing called unity
And that "V" means "Victory"
Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, not a chance for you
History'll tell ya what the Yanks can do
In again, we'll win again, and that's a vow
'Cause Yankee Doodle ain't doodlin' now


*Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy

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