It's Just A Matter of Time

Performed by Carson Robison
Recorded April 1942
Written by Carson Robison

It's just a matter of time 'till the bombs will start to fall
And all the rats in Tokio will start to squeal and bawl
We won't forget to say, "so sorry," "'scuse please,"
Then we'll kick the honorable seat of their pants clear down to their honorable knees
A lesson their gonna learn when we start getting rough
When Sherman said that war was hell he didn't say half enough
They're gonna regret the day they stabbed us in the back
'Cause somethings got to fall apart when the Yankees start to smack

It's just a matter of time, we'll be on the march again
Where Pershing led the Yanks before, headin' for Berlin
In every conquered land where folks have waited and prayed
Millions of men with a song in their heart will join the big parade
The Dutch and Poles and Greeks, Norwegians and the Czechs
Will soon be swarmin' around Berlin and wringin' some Nazi necks
They'll hunt out every Hun and chase him down the road
And when he hollars comrade they'll give him the other load

It's just a matter of time 'till Hitler's bound to learn
The dream he had about rulin' the world ain't gonna work worth a durn
And all the things he's done are coming home to roost
'Cause millions of men are on his trail and they're fixin' to cook his goose
Who does he think he is, this guy with a black mustache?
This world was made for decent folks, not for his kind of trash
Just like his pal in Rome, someday he'll swell up and burst
And we'll hang his hide on a hickory limb if the Russians don't get him first

It's just a matter of time 'till the boys'll come marching home
After they're through with the house-cleanin' job in Japan, Berlin, and Rome
Then what are we gonna do, let somebody start again?
To buildin' up a war machine to murder millions of men?
We can't go on this way with a war every twenty years
This world was made for somethin' else besides blood and toil and tears
We say it can't be helped, but it could if we were smart
If we're strong enough to win these wars let's stop'em before they start

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