Rosie The Riveter

Performed by The Four Vagabonds
Recorded February 1943
Words and Music by Redd Evans & John Jacob Loeb

[Refrain 1]
All the day long whether rain or shine
She's a part of the assembly line
She's making histo'ry working for victory,
Rosie Brrr the riveter.
Keeps a sharp lookout for sabotage
Sitting up there on the fuselage
That little frail can do
More than a male can do,
Rosie Brrr the riveter
Rosie's got a boyfriend Charlie,
Charlie, he's a marine
Rosie, is protecting Charlie
Working overtime on the riveting machine.
When they gave her a production "E"
She was a proud as a girl could be,
There's something true about
Red, white and blue about
Rosie, Brrr the riveter.

[lyrics modified from the original sheet music]