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WWII In American Music

Fair Use Rationale For the Use of WWII Music On This Site

1. The use of copyrighted material is nonprofit in nature and is for educational purposes.

2. The material is presented in an historical context. The Authentic History Center is dedicated to the study of American history via popular culture.

3. The material was dubbed directly from the original 78rpm records and exhibits all the pops and crackles of old records.

4. Audio fidelity is 32 Kbps (Mono), 22,050 Hz; substantially below "CD quality".

5. Audio is streaming only. No direct links are provided for downloading and saving the files.

6. Direct links are provided to commercially produced, licensed CDs and MP3 downloads at the marketplace, making is easy for patrons of The Authentic History Center's WWII Music section to make purchases and boost revenues for the appropriate artists and their estates.

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Last modified December 29, 2011