A Prisoner of War

Performed by Jim Eanes
Recorded June 19, 1952
Written by Paul Cotton, Paul Roberts, Bob Miller

Darling, I'm writing this letter tonight
Where there's no table and no place to write
Where there's no friendship, no justice or law
I'm just a prisoner, a prisoner of war

While I am writing this message to you
I'll think of home and the friends that I knew
[?] with each word that I try to write
Wishing that I could be near you tonight
Sometimes I wonder if they'll set me free
And if the good Lord has forsaken me
Time and again I have called your sweet name
Only to wake up and find things the same

Here in this stockade with guards all around
Shackled with irons deep into the ground
Darling I'm weary and heartsick and sore
Bound in this prison, a prisoner of war
If by some good fortune this letter gets through
Darling you know that my thoughts are of you
With love and kisses forever I'm your
Heartbroken soldier, a prisoner of war

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