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The Cold War Home Front: Red Channels

Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television (1950)
Red Channels cover
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Part II: Alphabetical Index of Names (p. 9-160) (selections below)
Larry Adler, actor and musician
Luther Adler, actor and director
Stella Adler, actress and teacher
Edith Atwater, actress
Howard Bay, scenic designer
Ralph Bell, actor: 16
Leonard Bernstein, composer, conductor: 16 | 17
Walter Bernstein, screenwriter
Michael Blankfort, screenwriter[c]
Marc Blitzstein, composer
True Boardman, screenwriter
Millen Brand, writer
Oscar Brand, folk singer
Joseph Edward Bromberg, actor
Himan Brown, producer and director
John Brown, actor
Abe Burrows, playwright and lyricist
Morris Carnovsky, actor
Vera Caspary, writer
Edward Chodorov, screenwriter/producer
Jerome Chodorov, writer
Mady Christians, actress
Lee J. Cobb, actor
Marc Connelly, playwright
Aaron Copland, composer: 39 | 40 | 41
Norman Corwin, writer
Howard Da Silva, actor: 43 | 44
Roger De Koven, actor: 44
Dean Dixon, conductor
Olin Downes, music critic
Alfred Drake, actor
Paul Draper, actor and dancer
Howard Duff, actor
Clifford J. Durr, attorney
Richard Dyer-Bennett, folk singer
Jos?? Ferrer, actor
Louise Fitch (Lewis), actress
Martin Gabel, actor
Arthur Gaeth, radio commentator
William S. Gailmor, journalist, radio commentator
John Garfield, actor
Will Geer, actor: 60 | 61
Jack Gilford, actor
Tom Glazer, folk singer
Ruth Gordon, actress and screenwriter: 63
Lloyd Gough, actor
Morton Gould, pianist and composer
Shirley Graham, writer
Ben Grauer, radio and TV personality
Mitchell Grayson, radio producer and director
Horace Grenell, conductor and music producer
Uta Hagen, actress and teacher
Dashiell Hammett, writer: 71
E. Y. "Yip" Harburg, lyricist
Robert P. Heller, television journalist
Lillian Hellman, playwright and screenwriter
Nat Hiken, writer and producer
Rose Hobart, actress
Judy Holliday, actress
Roderick B. Holmgren, journalist
Lena Horne, singer and actress: 79 | 80
Langston Hughes, writer: 81 | 82 | 83 | 84
Marsha Hunt, actress: 85
Leo Hurwitz, director: 85 | 86
Charles Irving, actor: 87
Burl Ives, folk singer and actor: 87 | 88
Sam Jaffe, actor
Leon Janney, actor
Joe Julian, actor
Garson Kanin, writer and director
George Keane, actor
Donna Keath, radio actress
Pert Kelton, actress
Alexander Kendrick, journalist and author
Adelaide Klein, actress
Felix Knight, singer and actor
Howard Koch, screenwriter
Tony Kraber, actor
Millard Lampell, screenwriter
John La Touche, lyricist
Arthur Laurents, writer: 98
Gypsy Rose Lee, strip teaser: 98 | 99
Madeline Lee, actress: 99
Ray Lev, classical pianist
Philip Loeb, actor
Ella Logan, actress and singer
Alan Lomax, folklorist and musicologist
Avon Long, actor and singer
Joseph Losey, director
Peter Lyon, television writer
Aline MacMahon, actress
Paul Mann, director and teacher
Margo, actress and dancer
Myron McCormick, actor
Paul McGrath, radio actor
Burgess Meredith, actor: 109
Arthur Miller, playwright: 110 | 111 | 112
Henry Morgan, actor
Zero Mostel, actor
Jean Muir, actress
Meg Mundy, actress
Lyn Murray, composer and choral director
Ben Myers, attorney: 109 | 110
Dorothy Parker, writer: 115 | 116
Arnold Perl, producer and writer
Minerva Pious, actress
Samson Raphaelson, screenwriter and playwright
Bernard Reis, accountant
Anne Revere, actress
Kenneth Roberts, writer
Earl Robinson, composer and lyricist
Edward G. Robinson, actor: 122 | 123
William N. Robson, radio and TV writer
Harold Rome, composer and lyricist
Norman Rosten, writer
Selena Royle, actress
Coby Ruskin, TV director
Robert St. John, journalist
Hazel Scott, jazz and classical musician
Pete Seeger, folk singer: 130 | 131
Lisa Sergio, radio personality
Artie Shaw, jazz musician
Irwin Shaw, writer: 134 | 135
Robert Lewis Shayon, former president of radio and TV directors' guild: 135
Ann Shepherd, actress: 135
William L. Shirer, journalist: 135 | 136
Allan Sloane, radio and TV writer: 136
Howard K. Smith, journalist: 136 | 137
Gale Sondergaard, actress
Hester Sondergaard, actress
Lionel Stander, actor
Johannes Steel, journalist
Paul Stewart, actor
Elliott Sullivan, actor
William Sweets, radio personality
Helen Tamiris, choreographer
Betty Todd, director
Louis Untermeyer, poet
Hilda Vaughn, actress
J. Raymond Walsh, radio commentator
Sam Wanamaker, actor
Theodore Ward, playwright
Fredi Washington, actress
Margaret Webster, actress, director and producer
Orson Welles, actor/writer/dir: 155 | 156 | 157
Josh White, blues musician: 157 | 158
Irene Wicker, singer and actress: 158
Betty Winkler (Keane), actress
Martin Wolfson, actor
Lesley Woods, actress
Richard Yaffe, journalist
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