Captain Santa Claus (and his Reindeer Space Patrol)

Performed by Bobby Helms
Recorded 1957
Written by Don Reid and Arthur Altman

The word has spread from town to town
That Santa's sleigh had broken down
And there would be no toys this Christmas day
When suddenly a cry was heard
"Up in the sky, is that a bird?"
And all the children shouted, "hip hooray!"

Hurray for Captain Santa Claus
And his Reindeer Space Patrol
His sleigh broke down one Christmas eve
As he started from the pole
He said, "those children's hearts will break
if I don't make this trip."
But Santa's helpers saved the day
When they built a rocket ship
Then with his reindeer space cadets
He took off through the air
And not one chimney did they miss
Every stockin' got its share
Now children dance around the tree
With glee each time they're told
The tale of Captain Santa Claus
And his Reindeer Space Patrol


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