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The September 11 Attacks & Aftermath
Multimedia Timeline: September 12-20, 2001
Wednesday, September 12
Bush Meets With National Security Team
10: 53 AM: President Bush has a short photo op with the press while meeting with his National Security team in the Cabinet Room:
[sound Listen, 3:17 | tv View, :22].

3:53 PM: President Bush inspects the damage at the Pentagon
[sound Listen, 3:06 | tv Video, 2:39].
Bush inspects the damage at the Pentagon
flight plans reconstructed hijackers and flight schools

9/11 Aircraft flight plans reconstructed
[tv Video, 4:50].

Reporting on the hijackers and flight schools they attended [tv Video, 2:35].

Relatives describe UA Flight 93 victim phone calls [sound Listen, 2:13 | tv Video].

Flight 93 victim phone calls
One Liberty Plaza
6:00 PM: One Liberty Plaza threatening to collapse [tv Video, 2:56].

Howard Fineman on MSNBC's Hardball [tv Video, 3:49].

9:00 PM: Larry King plays WTC Victim Phone Message [tv Video, 2:03].

Larry King Interviews NYC Firefighters [tv Video, 4:23].
Larry King
Thursday, September 13
President Bush
11:00 AM: President Bush holds a conference call with New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and New York Governor George Pataki. Afterward, the President takes a few questions from reporters. One of them evokes a moment of extreme emotion for the President, something not usually seen of American chief executives in public. [sound Listen, 16: 05 | tv Video, :41].
Reporters interview relatives of WTC workers with "missing" posters [tv Video, 7:43].

Interview with Roy Bell, who was on the 78th floor when the South Tower was struck [tv Video, 4:33].

Bill Clinton was interviewed on the streets of New York [tv Video, :52].
relatives of WTC workers Interview with Roy Bell Bill Clinton
Phone recording emotional firefighter Capitol Hill Evacuated
Phone recording of WTC victim [tv Video, :50].

Interview with emotional firefighter [tv Video, 1:17]

Capitol Hill Evacuated due to bomb scare:
[tv Video, 1:15].
volunteer workers
7:00 PM: Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball Interviews WTC site volunteer workers:
[tv Video, 9:24].

Other Hardball segments: [sound Al Haig and Senator Hagel (R-NE) | Former FAA Inspector General Mary Schiavo | Mother of UA Flight 93 Victim | Chris Matthews on America growing up].
Friday, September 14
1:00 PM: President Bush speaks at the National Memorial Service for the 9/11 victims:
[sound Listen, 8:18 | tv Video, 1:25].

4:40 PM: President Bush visits Ground Zero and addresses the rescue workers:
[sound Listen, 1:53 | tv Video , 2:04 | Video , :20].
Bush speaks at the National Memorial Service Bush visits Ground Zero
Candlelight Vigil Judith Miller
A Candlelight Vigil is held in New York [tv Video, 2:44].

MSNBC interviews New York Times reporter Judith Miller on terrorism:
[sound Listen, 13:35 | tv Video].
Saturday, September 15
8:55 AM: President Bush addresses the nation by radio [sound Listen, 2:48].

9:19 AM: Reporters interview President Bush and his National Security team at Camp David [sound Listen, 9:09 | tv Video, 5:57].

Footage of Pentagon damage [tv Video, 3:05].
President Bush President Bush and his National Security team Pentagon damage
Sunday, September 16
President Bush
3:23 PM: President Bush answers on the South Lawn upon his return to the White House from Camp David:
[sound Listen, 13:07].

NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani Press Comments:
[sound Listen, :30].

Video of Ground Zero from the air [tv Video, 4:03].
Rudy Giuliani Ground Zero from the air
Monday, September 17
President Bush
7:58 AM: President Bush makes a few brief comments at executive office building:
[tv Video, 1:35].

11:45 AM: Bush to Pentagon Employees [sound Listen, 13:32].

3:12 PM: Bush visits Islamic Center [sound Listen, 4:15].
Bush visits Islamic Center
View of Ground Zero View of Ground Zero from Chambers Street, 9/17
On MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews assesses the performance of President Bush in this crisis [tv Video, 4:01)

Later, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is interviwed [tv Video, 5:39].
Chris Matthews Senator John Kerry
Tuesday, September 18
Bush on charities
11:46 AM: Bush on charities [sound Listen, 11:04].

6:30 PM: Bush comments prior to meeting with French President [tv Video, :32].

Interview with Bill Clinton [tv Video, 10:19].
Bush comments Bill Clinton
Wednesday, September 19
rescue effort at Ground Zero
Footage of the ongoing rescue effort at Ground Zero [tv Video, 2:16].
Thursday, September 20
President Bush addresses a joint session of congress [sound Listen, 34:30 |
tv Video part 1 | part 2 | part 3].
Bush Address
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