Since Arrah Wanna Married Barney Carney

Performed by Collins and Harlan
Recorded May 6, 1907
Words by Jack Drislane; Music by Theodore Morse

Tell me have you heard the news
that's going all around,
Barney Carney's back in town,
Things have all been upside down.
Now, no more do the Indians
put paint upon their face,
And each one of them has an Irish name
On the plains and prairies gay the Shamrock now is seen,
The tom-toms play the "Wearing of the green."

Since Arrah Wanna married Barney Carney,
The Indians don't know just what to say,
The wig-wams are all full of Irish Blarney,
They celebrate on each St. Patrick's day.
Green feathers are the only kind they're using
The Pip of Peace is made of Irish clay.
And instead of Pow-Wow dances it's the Irish reel entrances
Since Arrah Wanna married Barney Carney

"Full Moon Eyes" the great big chief,
has changed his name to "Mike"
"Fighting Dog" is very tame,
Barney Carney's all to blame.
The password is "Begorra,"
and the bagpipes each one plays,
Each Red man call his squaw sweet "Colleen"
Barney sits upon a throne as king of all the tribe,
With Arrah Wanna by him as his queen.

[repeat chorus]