J. Edgar Hoover’s 50-Year Career of Blackmail, Entrapment, and Taking Down Communist Spies

Historical People

Scroll down to find articles providing information about the most important people in history

Scroll down to find articles providing information about the most important people in history


Juan Peron

Famous for being a President of Argentina Born - 8th October 1898, Buenos Aires, Argentina Parents - Mario Tomas Peron, Juana Sosa Toledo Siblings - brother Married - 1. Aurelia Tizón                2. Eva Duarte               3. Isabel…


Jane Seymour

Famous for being the third wife of Henry VIII Born - c1508 - exact date not known Parents - John Seymour, Margery Wentworth Siblings - John, Edward, Thomas, Elizabeth, Henry, Dorothy, Anthony, Margery Married -  Henry VIII 30th May 1536 - died Children - Edward VI Died - 24th October…


Lady Jane Grey

Famous for being Queen of England for nine days Born - October 1537 exact date unknown Parents - Henry Grey, Frances Brandon Siblings - Catherine, Mary Married - Guildford Dudley Children - None Died - 12th February 1554, Tower of London, executed Lady Jane Grey was born in October 1537.…


James Stewart

Famous for being illegitimate son of James V and chief advisor to Mary Queen of Scots Born - 1531 exact date unknown, Scotland Parents - King James V of Scotland, Margaret Erskine Siblings - None Married - No Children - None Died - 23rd January 1570, Linlithgow, Scotland - assassinated …


James Cook

Famous for being a cartographer and explorer as well as a Captain in the navy Born - 7th November 1928 - Yorkshire, UK Parents - James Cook, Grace Pace Siblings - John, Christiana, Mary, Jane, Mary, Margaret, William Married - Elizabeth Batts Children - James, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Joseph, George, Hugh…


Ivan the Terrible

Famous for being the first Tsar of Russia Born - 25th August 1530 - Kolomenskoye, nr Moscow, Russia Parents - Vasili III, Elena Grinskaya Siblings - Yuri Married -  1. Anastasia Romanovna Zakharina         2. Maria Temrjukovna         3. Marfa Sobakin         4. Anna Koltovski       …


Howard Carter

Famous for discovering the tomb of Tutenkhamun Born - 9th May 1874 Parents - Samuel John Carter, Martha Joyce Sands Siblings - John, William Married - No Children - No Died - 2nd March 1939 from lymphoma Howard Carter was born on 9th May 1874. His father was an artist…


King Henry VIII

Famous for being King of England, having six wives and making himself Head of the Church in England Born - 24th June 1491 Parents - King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York Siblings - Arthur, Margaret, Mary Married - 1. Catherine of Aragon 1509 (divorced 1533)        …


Harald Sigurdsson (Hardrada)

Famous for being a claimant to the English throne Born - 1015, Norway Parents - Sigurd Syr, Asta Gudbrandsdatter Siblings - King Olaf Married - 1. Elisaveta Yaroslavna  2. Tora Torbergsdatter Children - Marriage 1 - Ingegerd  Marriage 2 - Magnus II, Olaf Kyrre Died - 25th September 1066 Battle…


Galileo Galilei

Famous for being influential in the development of Science, Astronomy and Mathematics Born - 15th February 1564, Pisa, Italy Parents - Vincenzo Galilei, Giulia Ammannati Siblings - Michelagnolo Married - No - Mistress - Marina Gamba Children - Virginia, Livia, Vincenzo Died - 8th January 1642 Galileo Galilei was born…

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