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#29: (Q&A): Did People Get Depressed in Ancient Times?

Depression is not a modern phenomenon. Take the example of Abraham Lincoln. He is an unusual psychological case study. He was both chronically melancholy, and yet among the strongest people in history. Here’s a quick rundown: Lincoln lost his one true love and...

#28: (Q&A) Were Ancient People More Advanced Than Us?

The ancients had abilities that have fallen into near-complete disuse in the modern age. Consider memorization. The average peasant of 1,000 years ago had 10x more memorized than you ever will. They cultivated the skill in the ars memoriae, who were living databases...

#26: (Q&A) Did King Arthur and Merlin Truly Exist?

Did the greatest king who ever lived ever live? That’s a tricky question. The fabled first king of England, the mythological figure associated with Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table, may have been based on a 5th to 6th century Roman-affiliated military...
monks drinking beer

#25: What the Saints Drank and Monks Brewed—Michael Foley

Michael Foley loves contradictions. He is a Catholic professor of patristics—a study of the lives of early Christian theologians—at a dry Baptist university. That didn’t stop him from writing a book that pairs wines, beer, spirits, and cocktails with the...
ancient egypt

#24: (Q&A) Who Built the Pyramids? Aliens?

Today’s question comes from Nayeli Carpenter She asks about lost civilizations: pyramid builds, Egyptians, Mayans, Incans, especially the ones where cultures disappeared mysteriously. I’m going to confine this question to everyone’s favorite...
ottoman empire

#23: (Q&A) Can You Explain the 1915 Armenian Genocide?

Today’s question comes to us from Kevin deLaplante, creator of the Critical Thinker Academy and host of the Argument Ninja Podcast. Can you tell me about the 1915 Armenian Genocide and why today’s political leaders (such as Barack Obama) are hesitant to...
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