The Tudors

Articles on the most important figures of the Tudor era in England and a description of the times

Articles on the most important figures of the Tudor era in England and a description of the times


The Tudors – Market Place

The Tudor market place was the place that the Tudors went to buy the things that they needed such as food and clothing. People who had something to sell would set themselves and their goods in the market square and wait for people to come and buy their goods. In…


The Tudors – Tudor Costume

 Early Tudor Costume Men Men's clothing gave them a square shape. they wore short doublets over their hose and the shoulders of their coat were cut wide. It was fashionable for their sleeves to be slashed and their flat hats were often decorated with feathers. Women  Women's clothing gave them…

Tudor Food and Culinary Culture

Food could not be transported, nor could it be frozen. The Tudors, therefore, relied on fresh food. Beyond freshness, the sort of Tudor food consumed was largely determined by one's social class. The menu below shows what the wealthy would have eaten. The poor would have eaten a herb-flavored soup…

tudors society

The Tudors – Society

Tudors society was steeped in the medieval tradition in England, yet it also embraced the changing social norms of early modern Europe. During the Tudor period people were grouped in a hierarchical system with the King at the top. The nearer to the top of the system you were, the…

tudors monarch

The Tudors – Monarchs

The Tudors monarchs reigned from 1485 until 1603. There were five crowned Tudor monarchs; Lady Jane Grey reigned as Queen for only nine days. The Tudor kings and queens were very powerful and they are noted for the numbers of people executed during the period. Henry VII came to the throne…

war of the roses history

The War of the Roses History

The War of the Roses history is a story of Tudor monarchs desperately attempting to unite a faction behind them large enough to unite the fledging realm of England. Henry VII (1457 - 1509) was the first Tudor monarch. His claim to the throne was not strong and he became king…

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