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Hollywood Hates History, Part 4—The Green Berets (1968)

John Wayne was 62 years old when he tried to portray a fit Vietnam War Green Beret colonel, but the obvious age gap isn’t the only head scratcher in this film. Released in 1968, the film was Lyndon B. Johnson-approved attempt to shift American opinion on the...

The Renaissance: Myths and Facts

The Renaissance is a widely misunderstood period in European history; art and culture was reformed but the past was not wholly discarded. Below is an account from a book by Anthony Esolen on this time period. The frequency of assassination, the perennial plots, the...
How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War

How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War? Myths and Facts

How did slavery cause the Civil War? In order to discuss this question, we must examine the nature of slavery in 1861 and determine if it was in fact a dying institution, as some claim. How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War? The Myth By 1860 Southerners had convinced...

Presidential Fight Club Dec. 23 Draft

Scroll down to listen to all the fight commentaries or click here to download them in Apple Podcasts and subscribe to the feed.   Wood splinters cover the ground. The pile of fire wood you’ve chopped has grown into a mountain. It should. You’ve been...
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