World War One

Articles on the causes of World War One, its battles, and its outcomes

Articles on the causes of World War One, its battles, and its outcomes

Theatres of War

World War One – Theatres of War

The Theatres of War of the First World War are listed in this article, particularly those on the Western Front in France, Belgium, and elsewhere. Although World War One was a world war, most of the fighting was confined to a few key areas. These areas are usually referred to…

assassination of franz ferdinand

World War One – Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand: 28th June 1914 Franz Ferdinand, aged 51, was heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire. He was married to Sophie Chotek von Chotvoka and had three children. Franz Ferdinand was, however, very unpopular because he had made it clear that once he became Emperor he would make…

World War One – Causes

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World War One Timeline

A Comprehensive World War One Timeline   Date Summary Detailed Information 28 June 1914 Assassination of Franz Ferdinand The Balkan states of Bosnia and Herzegovina, had been annexed from Turkey and taken into the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This was strongly resented by many Serbs and Croats and a nationalist group, The Black Hand,…

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