World War Two

All category topics on the military, political, social, and cultural aspects of the Second World War.

All category topics on the military, political, social, and cultural aspects of the Second World War.

Night Witches

Night Witches: The Saga Of The Women Warriors

The Night Witches were a group of female soldiers during World War Two of whom much is owed. In 1942, there was an all-female battalion, 588th Night Bomber Regiment. These bombardiers belonged to the Soviet Air force. According to the Wright Museum of World War 2, they were the all-women…

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler: How Did He Come To Power?

Adolf Hitler is a name that immediately summons the image of pernicious and radical evil. However, just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a country to raise a dictator. Hitler's rise to power is a saga that includes the complicity of many, the help…

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill And Hitler: What Did Churchill Think?

Winston Churchill was unquestionably one of the colossal names of World War 2 that immediately size interest from historians and laypeople alike. Interestingly, it wouldn't be unfair to characterize Churchill's sentiments towards Hitler as vacillating throughout the war. During the 1930s, Churchill expressed growing concern over the resurgence of German…

Aktion T4

Aktion T4: The Grotesque “Mercy” Of The Nazis

"Aktion T4" might not be as ubiquitous in the annals of history as, for instance, Kristallnacht or the "Night Of the Long Knives", but its horror should not be forgotten. "Aktion T4", also known historically as the "T4 Euthanasia Program", was a concerted, concentrated, and deliberate effort on the part…

FDR, Stalin, and Churchill

FDR, Stalin, and Churchill

FDR, Stalin, and Churchill were the primary Allied leaders in World War Two. The first two had a surprisingly respectful relationship, especially in regard to the future tensions of the Cold War. Since late 1941, FDR had been arguably guilty of gross ignorance, willful deception, or outright lying in his…

FDR, Stalin, and Churchill

The Allies of World War 2

The Allies of World War 2 consisted primarily of Great Britain, the United States, France, and the Soviet Union. World War II was won by the Allies at the enormous cost of fifty million lives and unimaginable destruction. Germany, Italy, and Japan were defeated, to be sure, and their fascistic…

Were Germany and Japan Allies in WW2

Were Germany and Japan Allies in WW2?

Were Germany and Japan Allies in WW2? Yes, and it had to do with the importance of East Asia in global geopolitics starting from the early twentieth century and only growing in the ensuing decades. The Asian theater of the war was entirely distinct from the European, though Japan did…

Hitler's Rise to Power Timeline

Hitler’s Rise to Power: Timeline

Hitler's Rise to power began in Germany in September 1919 when Hitler joined the political party then known as the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – DAP (German Workers' Party). Hitler's Rise to Power: Timeline Adolf Hitler, who had come to power in Germany in 1933, over the course of the decade unilaterally…

WW2 Weapons

WW2 Weapons: Overview of WW2 Combat Innovation

WW2 Weapons are a result of rapid technological innovation in response to the needs of the various combatants. Many different weapons systems we see today evolved from World War 2 warfare. Scroll down to see more articles about the history of WW2 weapons. Click here to see more articles in…

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