In this anthology episode I answer questions from the audience all centered around one theme. Today’s theme is about alternate history and alternate theories to historical questions. Well, three of the questions have to do with this (the ones about the Confederacy, the Titanic, and an American Indian in Iceland). The other two are about quack doctors in the American frontier and the influence that Zoroasatrianism had on Christianity and Islam.

Here are the questions answered in today’s episode:

  • How would America’s economy be different today if the Confederacy had won the Civil War?
  • Are there alternative explanations to an iceberg sinking the Titanic?
  • Did a Native American woman come with Vikings to Iceland 1,000 years ago?
  • Tell me about quack doctors and snake oil salesmen in early America.
  • What influence did Zoroastrianism have on Christianity and Islam?