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Lincoln and Grant did a successful prosecution of the Civil War which resulted from a combination of positive personality traits, extraordinary interpersonal respect and loyalty, and a cooperative working relationship. The two created such a great partnership, generating historical changes which marked United States’ history. Among their remarkable achievements are the freeing the slaves and gaining victory in American Civil War.

Humility, decisiveness, clarity of communication, moral courage and perseverance were the critical traits these two men shared. Specifically, they were sufficiently humble that they were not hampered by swollen egos, made critical decisions in a timely manner, had the intestinal fortitude to implement those decisions, and finally had the dogged determination to accomplish the goals they had decided to achieve. They cemented their relationship by respecting and remaining loyal to each other.


Lincoln and Grant: Leading Military Tactics

In their working relationship, Lincoln directed national policy and even military strategy while Grant took charge of military operations and tactics—with significant input from Lincoln on military operations in 1864 and 1865. In handling military personnel decisions involving manpower in the field and general officers, the president, and the general had an instinctive commonality of views and deferred to each other on a case-by-case basis that avoided ego- or policy-based disagreements.

In all these elements of their relationship, Lincoln and Grant demonstrated a unique ability to work together for the mutual goals they shared, especially the defeat of the Confederate armies and the preservation of the Union. It is undeniable that, had the working relationship between these two influential men not taken root, the course of the Civil War —and indeed, American history—might have taken a drastically different route. These two amazing Westerners employed their personal strengths and developed a harmonious relationship that was directly responsible for winning the American Civil War.

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