The Battle of Paoli (also known as the Battle of Paoli Tavern or the Paoli Massacre) was a battle in the Philadelphia campaign of the American Revolutionary War fought on September 20, 1777, in the area surrounding present-day Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The Paoli Massacre and Germantown

  • On September 19, Washington ordered Anthony Wayne to march around Howe’s left flank.
  • The next day, Howe sent _______ troops who overwhelmed Wayne’s force using only bayonets. 53 of Wayne’s men were stabbed or hacked to death, while over 200 more were wounded.  This later was called the “Paoli Massacre.”
  • The British forces marched into Philadelphia on September 26. But Howe spread his army over a wide area near Philadelphia. 
  • On October 4, Washington ordered an attack on the British outpost at Germantown.
  • The American forces got behind schedule, mainly due to a dense fog. Also, Howe was tipped off by a Loyalist.
  • The Americans originally pushed the British back but lost momentum. 
  • A group of British troops barricaded themselves into a stone mansion near the Germantown Pike.
  • Washington ordered that the house be captured.  After several hours of trying, the Americans gave up and continued down the pike toward Germantown.
  • By 10:00, the British had rallied and pushed the Americans back.
  • The British suffered 530 casualties, while the Americans lost twice as many.  Despite losing, the Americans fought well and retreated in good order.  
  • After the battle, Washington heard about Gates’ victory at Saratoga, along with rumors that several people wanted him replaced.
  • Howe sent his letter of resignation to London, complaining that he had been inadequately supported in that year’s campaigns. His resignation would be accepted, although he would not find out until April of the next year.

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