The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Professor Thomas E. Woods, Jr. takes on the most controversial moments of American history and exposes how history books are merely a series of clichés drafted by academics who are heavily biased against God, democracy, patriotism, capitalism and most American family values.

Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

J. P. Veale, in his classic study of the development of total warfare, described the American War Between the States as a historical watershed in that it broke deliberately and dramatically from the European code of warfare that had developed since the seventeenth century and that had forbidden targeting the civilian population. Although there were exceptions, says Veale, “[Robert E.] Lee was able to keep the Southern strategy in harmony with the European code.” The same could not be said for Lincoln’s forces.


Among the most notorious examples of assaults on civilians occurred in New Orleans, where General Benjamin Butler led the occupying Northern soldiers. The women of New Orleans did not respond well to his crude and coarse manner, and to the sexual advances by the soldiers. Enraged, Butler issued Order Number 28:

As the officers and soldiers of the United States have been subject to repeated insults from the women calling themselves “ladies” of New Orleans in return for the most scrupulous noninterference and courtesy on our part, it is ordered that hereafter when any female shall by word, gesture or movement insult or show contempt for any officer or soldier of the United States she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation.

In other words, Southern women were to be thought of as prostitutes. This “right to rape” order horrified the civilized states of Europe, and immediate protests were issued from Britain and France. The British prime minister declared, “I will venture to say that no example can be found in the history of civilized nations till the publication of this order of a general guilty in cold blood of so infamous an act as deliberately to hand over the female inhabitants of a conquered city to the unbridled license of an unrestrained soldiery.”

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