1. After the death of Shamshi-Adad I, Assyrian cities were subjugated by a succession of outsiders
2. The Mitanni successfully broke the power of the Hittites in the region
3. King Ashur-Uballit stamped out remaining Mitanni or Hittite control over northern Mesopotamia.
4. Ashur-Uballit married his daughter to the Babylonian king, pleasing the Babylonian people.
5. King Adad-Nirari I expanded the Assyrian empire
6. The Assyrian empire never deported families
7. After Tukulti-Ninurta's reign, his successors expanded the empire even more
8. The Bronze Age Collapse involved a disintegration of civilizations for 300 years
9. Tiglath Pileser revitalized the Assyrian empire
10. After King Tiglath Pileser’s death in 1076 B.C., the empire started to shrink again.

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