1. Most of the Old Babylon remains are currently under the Euphrates River's water level
2. Babylon has a 3,000-year old history
3. Babylon began as a small, administrative center during the reign of Sargon the Great
4. Hammurabi, an Amorite prince, began his reign over Babylon in 1800 B.C.
5. Hammurabi's empire stretched from Syria to the Persian Gulf.
6. Hammurabi's empire lasted a couple of generations after his death
7. The city was sacked in 1595 B.C. by the Hittites, who made it a great center of learning
8. The Kassites controlled the city for 435 years and it was never conquested in that time
9. Sennacherib destroyed the city, razing its walls, temples and palaces to the ground, but was killed for this sin
10. Alexander the Great died in Nebudchadnezzar's palace

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