Susan Brownell Anthony is best known for her involvement with the women’s suffrage movement. She was very committed to social equality and also petitioned against slavery and alcohol and partnered up with Elizabeth Cady Santon to fight for women’s rights


Anthony’s inspiration to fight for women’s rights actually came from her campaigning against the production and distribution of alcohol. When wanting to speak during a temperance convention, she was denied because she was female. This made her realize that women in politics would never be taken seriously unless they, too, had voting rights.


Passionate Activist

Anthony was very involved in several movements. Along with Stanton, she established the New York State Women’s Rights Committee and the Women’s New York State Temperance Society and produced a weekly publication, The Revolution. She traveled all over the country, petitioning for women’s rights to vote and to own property. She also worked for years as an agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society and wrote several books. Anthony even voted illegally, for which she was arrested and fined $100.

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