The Greeks

Articles on the culture, history, and peoples of Ancient Greece

Articles on the culture, history, and peoples of Ancient Greece

Guest Post: How the Mythical Odysseus tricked Troy

The following is a guest post from Benjamin Marris. He writes at the site The First Civilizations about ancient societies in the period from 3,000 BC to 500 AD.  Odysseus, the legend, the myth, the hero, and the king. Odysseus was known as an excellent speaker and a brilliant strategist.…


The Greeks – Discover Ancient Greece’s Timeline and History

The Greeks, or Hellenes, are the natives of Greece and other countries around the Mediterranean Sea like Cyprus, southern Albania, Italy, Turkey, and Egypt. Ancient Greek civilization, the period following Mycenaean civilization (which ended about 1200 BCE) lasted up to the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE. It was a…

Ancient Greece – Bibliography

The following sites were used in compiling information for this section and offer further information. The Olympic Games - Official Olympics Pages Ancient Olympia to Athens of 1896 - Foundation of the Hellenic World


Ancient Greece – Ancient Olympics

The Ancient Olympics were held at Olympia, one of the sacred places of the ancient god Zeus. The earliest known record of an Olympic competition is 776BCE but it is thought that some kind of event may have been held for many years before that. One legend states that the…