Civil War

Articles on the American Civil War and the principle figures involved. Includes timelines and detailed descriptions.

General Lee

A Closer Look at General Lee’s Civil War Record

General Lee left a mark on American history as one of the greatest generals during the American Civil War. Learn more about his role in the war based on his battle records. GENERAL LEE CIVIL WAR RECORD Civil War record of General Lee was considerably less impressive...
Robert E Lee Gettysburg

Robert E. Lee & Gettysburg: How the Confederacy Lost

Robert E Lee’s Gettysburg Campaign ended in the Union claiming victory after three days of battle with Lee’s army. Both parties suffered major losses of life. Robert E Lee Gettysburg Campaign With Ewell engaged, Lee changed his mind and decided to attack...

Mind-Blowing Robert E Lee Facts You Need to Know

Was Robert E Lee one of the greatest generals in history? Find out with these awesome Robert E Lee facts you don’t want to miss.  ROBERT E LEE FACTS Robert E. Lee became the flawless god of the Myth of the Lost Cause since shortly after his death in 1870. A...
Could the South Have Won the Civil War

Could the South Have Won the Civil War?

Could the South have won the Civil War? In this article, you’ll find answers on how the South could have changed history.  COULD THE SOUTH HAVE WON THE CIVIL WAR: THE MYTH Propagators of the Myth contend that the South did the best it could with the resources it...
Reasons for Secession

Reasons for Secession and the Civil War

What are the reasons for secession, which eventually led to the Civil War? In this article, we will discuss what tore the nation apart. PRONOUNCEMENTS OF CONFEDERATE LEADERS ON REASONS FOR SECESSION AND THE CONFEDERACY In his February 18, 1861, inaugural address,...
What Caused the Civil War

What Caused the Civil War: Slavery and More

What  caused the Civil War? Is slavery the primary cause of secession and the Civil War? WHAT CAUSED THE CIVIL WAR: THE MYTH At the heart of the Myth of the Lost Cause is the insistence that secession, the Confederacy, and the Civil War were all about states’ rights,...
How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War

How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War? Myths and Facts

How did slavery cause the Civil War? In order to discuss this question, we must examine the nature of slavery in 1861 and determine if it was in fact a dying institution, as some claim. How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War? The Myth By 1860 Southerners had convinced...
Gettysburg Casualties

Gettysburg Casualties: The Bloodiest Civil War Battle

The total number of Gettysburg casualties was the largest in all the battles during the American Civil War, with the total of 28,000 from the Confederacy and 23,000 from the Union side. The Battle of Gettysburg lasted for three days, from July 1–3, 1863 at the town of...
Battle of Brandy Station

Battle of Brandy Station/Battle of Fleetwood Hill

The Battle of Brandy Station, also known as the Battle of Fleetwood Hill, is considered the biggest major military engagement during the American Civil War and in the United States. It happened on June 9, 1863, at the Brandy Station at the start of the Gettysburg...
Battle of Chancellorsville Casualties

Battle of Chancellorsville Casualties

The Battle of Chancellorsville casualties totaled 12,764 from the Confederate side and 17,287 from the Union side. This battle is considered to be the heigh of Robert E. Lee’s military career. Though he was greatly outnumbered, he won the victory through sheer...
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