Key Battles of American History Episodes

Show notes for all the latest episodes of Key Battles of American History.

Show notes for all the latest episodes of Key Battles of American History.

The Gathering Storm

In this episode, Sean and James discuss the 2002 BBC made-for-TV movie The Gathering Storm, which tells the story of Winston Churchill’s return to power after several years in the political “wilderness” and his efforts to warn Parliament and the British government about the threat posed by Adolph Hitler.  Albert…

The Gathering Storm: The Rise of Fascism and Militarism in Europe

In 1923, Benito Mussolini became Prime Minister of Italy and the first fascist leader in Europe. He would not be the last. In less than two decades, many more nations in Europe would be taken over by fascist or semi-fascist leaders, including the most notorious of them all: Adolf Hitler. …

Armageddon in the Arctic Ocean

Paul Gill, Sr. was the Third Mate on the Liberty Ship SS Nathanael Greene which sailed to Archangel, Russia, with Convoy PQ18 in September 1942. Armageddon in the Arctic Ocean is Gill’s memoir chronicling his life from the Great Depression through his service in the US Navy during WWII and…

An Unsettled World: Germany and the Allies 1918-1930

The roots of the Second World War in Europe lie within the First World War. The 1919 Treaty of Versailles formally ended the war between Germany and the western Allies, but the geopolitical situation it created was far from stable. Ten years later, the Great Depression made things even worse.…

History of the Papacy Preview – The Italian Risorgimento

The Risorgimento was a period of political and social upheaval in Italy that lasted from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century. The movement aimed to unite the various states and regions of Italy into one unified nation. Pinocchio, the beloved children's story written by Carlo Collodi, can be…

Half American with Matthew Delmont

In this episode, James interviews Dartmouth College professor and best-selling author Matthew F. Delmont about his recently-relased (and excellent) book Half American: The Epic Story of African-Americans Fighting World War II at Home and Abroad.

The Legacy of the Mexican-American War

In another venerable KBAH tradition, Sean and James reflect on the short-term and long-term impact of the Mexican-American War and tell “the rest of the story” about the key leaders of the war, both Mexican and American.

This American President Preview – Eisenhower

Some remember Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency as a time of peace and prosperity, but in reality, it was an era of constant global crises. In this episode preview from This American President, host Richard Lim explores how Eisenhower skillfully navigated the perils of the Cold War.

The Fall of Mexico City and the End of the War (1847-1848)

After the fight at Churubusco, the two armies rested for a couple of weeks, after which the Americans resumed the attack at Molino del Rey and Chapultepec. Eventually, Scott and his army fought their way into Mexico City as Santa Anna and his army retreated. After several months of negotiations,…

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